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The Wheel Questions installation in Harvard Square fell over Wednesday in the heavy wind. The construction, which I self-funded, is amateurish and just not stable enough. I immediately came out to fix it.

Then it fell over again Thursday. I have taken it down. See photos on the Wheel Questions Backstage Blog

Thus the Wheel Questions project is over, at least for 2009. Thank you to the people who contributed a total of $800 to the project. Unfortunately I spend about $15,000 and 1500 hours of my time. That is a failure of sorts, though I’m glad to have gotten so much verbal thanks. If you’re reading this and would care to donate, please do.

So what’s next? I plan to write a book over the winter and explore grants for 2010. I definitely couldn’t self-fund the Wheel again, but I would like to find a way to make it work financially. If you have ideas or leads on businesses that might place a corporate sponsorship, please email me at

I’ll keep posting the daily Wheel Questions cards at least until I know what is up for 2010 and whether the project is popular enough to go beyond verbal thanks to something that’s healthy for me. 🙂

Please volunteer to help for this giant festival I am running for the Samaritans. It will be the largest festival in Boston in October! See

The best reward for me from the Wheel: I thikn I’ve arrived. That’s the topic of today’s card.

When do you Know that you made it?

Dan, Jordy


You’ve “arrived” when the decisions you’ve made lately have led to a happiness that’s real, nto delusional.

You can tell the difference by paying attention & thinking rationally about your fears & wants.



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