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Here’s a card about someone who’s been feeling too normal lately. I’m seeking a volunteer to help me promote this blog. It’s one way to be different! Zip me an email to Today’s is this blog’s two month anniversary. 🙂



Who am I? Can I ever become some one unique, with a special personality that fits myself?

At the moment I feel like part of the crowd, a conformist. I want to be different.

Please don’t tell me that every one is different, It doesn’t help.


Actually, I don’t believe that everyone is different. 🙂

Figuring out who you are is too hard a problem for simple intuitive thinking.

Make a big list of things you like and don’t like.

Then go through the list looking for trends. Then brainstorm about taking it to the next level.

Like art? Try taking or teaching a class! Like helping others? Join a volunteer group or start one! You can do it! 🙂


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