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Last night, I went to see a movie with my best friend, and on the way out, we passed actor Michael Cera coming in… presumably to speak at a special preview.

So I say to Rick, “Hey! That was Michael Cera!”

Rick says, “Who?”

I try to explain who Michael Cera is, to be met with complete dispassion on his part.

So I talk to his son, who’s 15. But he too has no idea and doesn’t care.

I went on like this for a while before I figure out they were dicking with me. 🙂

Why?? Because sometimes it’s more fun to torture your best friend than to say, “Yea, I saw him too. Cool!”



There’s no reason sometimes.

People & life just happen.

But good things happen too.

The trick is to be aware of little hints that tell you what’s coming, so you can avoid the bad and chase down the good!

🙂 <3 <3


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