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I’m in this waiting period now for publishers to get back to me about the book. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Meanwhile, my best friend and I are going to a play and Canobie Lake Park’s haunted attractions today.

I get asked “Why?” so often that I gave it its own category. Fortunately, it’s such a vague question that it’s an invitation to respond any way that I want to. Why why why? Ultimately, it’s what’s in front of you that matters, regardless of the reasons, which may not even exist. Here’s a response I wrote that is almost a poem.



Life is full of accidents.

And people are, too.

But life is often wonderful.

And people are, too.

You can’t control everything.

But you can spot most things coming.

Be open. Be prepared.

Make a plan & a backup.

Say “no” & avoid oncoming trouble.

Chase down opportunity.

Make your own luck!!



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