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Keeping my answers to a small card forces me to condense, which is quite a challenge when I’m going through a stack of 100 late at night. Do you see something missing from this card? It’s financial stress, something I allude to and then don’t follow up on. I heard on the radio recently that people who make a lot of money aren’t any happier than people who earn $70,000. But happiness decreases below that income.

Why can’t people just get along?


Most people would do just fine dropped into a colony of mature, well-adjusted, middle class people.

But in the real world, most of us are put off-balance by a few bad apples. It’s easier to lash out when you’re surrounded by people who tear you down, and you discover that giving to others doesn’t result in being given back to. Frustration & shame make people irritable & it spreads like a disease.

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