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This is one of these cards where it’s best to take a deep breath and say, thank goodness I don’t live in a lawless area of the world like Somalia now or 10th century anywhere. There is injustice in the world, but we also live in the most prosperous, most democratic, least criminal, least warring world in the history of the planet.

Why do so many people and so many social structures relate in such terrible, painful, ways? Why do people hurt each other and suffer?

Why is there so much injustice and how do we fix it?


People who’ve made mistakes feel shame. Shame leads to rage and being abusive, not giving.

People surrounded by those don’t give have their confidence drained away & blame themselves for the anger of others.

You can’t fix those who are abusive.

But you can find someone who’s too much in pain to ask for help & offer.

Get them away from draining relationship!

<3 <3


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