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A couple of months ago, somebody asked me when the first snowfall would be. I believe I said December 6! I can’t find the card, though, in the online archives. Today it was snowing! I guess that just proves that good predictions happen by chance sometimes and we musn’t attribute oracular powers to those who make lucky guesses.



why does it feel as though god has a vendetta against me and that I have bad luck?

How do I help myself to become less self conscious, especially in terms of finding a guy who will love me for me, and enough so that I wont need to seek a boy’s love out?


The key is confidence.

Back away from relationships, obligations, and habits that drain you. Each liberating step you take, you will feel more energy & confidence. This allows you to extract yourself a little more & gives you the energy & knowledge of what genuinely makes you happy so you can say no to those who aren’t good to you & be attractive to others.

Go on one date a week & keep at it!


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