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Here’s a pair of matched questions that I got on the same day!

I’m sad to report that we may not make it to the top ten. If you’ve been reading these emails and haven’t voted yet, I know it’s sort of silly — and the “daily” vote thing is a real pain, even for me — but please help, and invite your friends to vote too by forwarding the facebook event here. Winning $25,000 would make the difference between success and failure.

Please vote again for Wheel Questions 2010. You can vote once every day for the month of April. All we need is to get into the top ten. It takes less than 30 seconds and the link is Wheel Questions on the Pepsi Refresh Site. Thanks!

Why is it so hard to get my husband to pay attention to me???


Do you complain a lot?

Maybe he’s having trouble sorting out the things that matter.

Do you give too much?

Maybe he’s starting to take you for grant. Tell him he can’t.

Try building goodwill by planning a romantic trip. Work with a friend to train yourself to be matter-of-fact and brief, not explosive and rambling, if that’s the problem. Make “talking” fun.




Try the technique of “reflecting” back what she is saying, to show that you empathize with her feelings & understand what she is saying factually. If she says, “I took my boss to lunch today”, don’t say “oh.” or even “that’s good.” Say “Your boss? Was that awkward?” or “Was there a special occasion?”



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