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Since there’s never a real reason why two people can’t get along, the destruction of love always involves one person (or both) willingly committing a kind of murder. It’s irrational, it’s human, and it’s unfortunately their right to do it if they choose. It seems unnecessary and unfair because it probably is. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t let it go. Focus on what’s good in life and remind yourself that if you look, you can find people who will say YES. Here’s a card on that.

Why is it so hard to realize he’s just not that into you?


Because it feels so right. Ultimately, what you feel is a kind of instinct, a short cut from our primal nature.

Using your head gives you far better clarity, although of course including your feelings is part of it. You may feel that something you did caused this, and that you’ll never fall in love again. But you know in your head that you can learn & stop dwelling & get out there & date others. Be brave!

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