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Why is it that boys don’t find me attractive?

It’s funny, the more it worries you the more it undermines your confidence. Pledge to take a total break from dating and worry for –ONE MONTH–

Use this month to do more of what makes you happy and back away from things or people who drag you down.

Building confidence is attractive and you’ll discover you’ve been beautiful the whole time and didn’t know!

I cannot find a new job.

I have lost my ART.

Yikes! That sucks. When I need to be inspired, I hang out with hobbyists. Passionate people get you moving and thinking!

You haven’t lost your art I bet. It’s just hiding. 🙂

I feel unloved.

Sometimes feeling unloved can be fixed with some love to yourself.

If the people you hang out with aren’t good to you, it’s time to find new people!

If they are good to you, but you feel unloved, possibly you’re depressed? There are great meds for that. I care! SMILE! 🙂

I’m afraid of taking an exam that’s coming up tomorrow.

Since tests are usually scaled, there are two ways to win: increase your score or decrease the scores of all the others.

Try laughing maniacally during the exam. That ought to shake ’em up. 🙂