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I broke my wrist! Setting up the Wheel on Saturday night, moving it back from Boston Greenfest to Harvard Square, where it will be until October 24, I fell off a ladder. Thanks to the people at Bertucci’s and various strangers for picking up all my tools and storing them.

I should be back to normal in six weeks, and meanwhile I type okay with one hand. Take a peek at pics of the wrist, Boston Greenfest, and the Newport Folk Festival, in the last three entries at The Wheel Questions Backstage Blog

Now would be a really good time for volunteers to write me at and offer to help me keep up.

Will I ever be happy without medication?


Will a guy with a broken leg be happy without a crutch?

Sure, but what’s wrong with a crutch? If you’ve found happiness, regardless of how, be happy & enjoy it! There’s nothing shameful in taking meds.

It’s pretty smart if you need ’em!

🙂 <3


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