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Will I reawaken?

Just by asking the question, you already have.

Your life is yours and you have so much power to change it.

Don’t make excuses — make a goals list today & share it with a friend. 🙂

I am afraid that my fears from past experiences will paralyze me from being adventurous and feeling comfortable & safe in my own skin.

Time heals all wounds.

Learn to deflect your thoughts. Whenever you think on it, just think “STOP! This is getting me nowhere” and move on to other thoughts, or stifle them by reading or calling a friend.

Keep at it and this thought avoidance should lead to the past coming to mind less and less frequently!

I fear I will never find my soulmate or find him to late to ever have kids or marry at an appropriate age… Will I marry my soulmate by 28?

Why is it that we:

— train for a job

— learn to drive

— practice sports

But expect love to “just happen”?

Work at it, make some mistakes, and learn. Keep at it and you will find Mr. Right.

The #1 factor is usually confidence. What can you change in your life that is holding back your belief in yourself?

Can I move ahead to change my job (1) without enraging those I leave behind (2) keep faith with those I move forward with?

Absolutely. Don’t make it awkward. Just speak about it matter-of-factly without boasting or false modesty. If others wants to add awkwardness then it’s their problem, not yours.

Understand that you cannot please everyone. The good friends — confident, giving, non-drama — will support your success and don’t let the rest keep you down. Hang in there! <3 <3 <3 :)