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I’ve changed the Website so that you can make your own comments now. –Johnny 🙂

Will it work out as I hope, or as I fear?

If it doesn’t work out as you hope, it’s funny, having your life


Always frees you to try something truly new which may go beyond your hopes!

Hang in there! 🙂

I am afraid that I will never be able to live my life without depression. There are good times, but it is always there lurking, waiting to overwhelm me.

There are so many ways to beat depression: medications, changing your relationships and work / living situation…

But the best is to remember that your mood changes and you can partly control it.

If you wait for inspiration, idleness just creates more depression.

If you believe and get up and make yourself do something, your mood will change & you’ll be glad you did <3 <3 :)

I have little idea of what I want to do, what I really care about. I’m afraid of making change.

I always feel like there’s a right choice but I’m beginning to realize there often isn’t.

Also I’m trying to find an apartment.


When you look at your energy today, all that change feels pretty overwhelming! <3

But changing your life just a little you do have energy for, and that will bring you more energy for the next step.

Don’t hesitate, just try something new today, and refine it or try something else if you need to! 🙂