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The hardest thing about life is knowing when to have confidence and when to have humility. One way to figure it out is to ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing working?”

So, I failed to get the Wheel Questions grant. But what I’m doing seems to be working. I’ve gotten so much great feedback and it seems to be helping people. Having gotten permission to locate the project in Davis Square and Harvard Square is too good to pass up. I’ve decided to self-fund the project and I hope to make some kind of money back through donations.

It might fail, but I can always ask myself two months from now, “Is what I’m doing working?” and that should help me know whether to stop or keep going. I expect to have the new Wheel up in Harvard Square at One Brattle Street around June 6 or so. Here’s a card on this topic.

Will my organization get enough funding so that I can keep my job past September?


Does it deserve to? Who are you competing with? How can you make your substance & explanation of it to funders better? Do you have backup sources of funding?

Make a contigency plan for what you’d do if you lost your job.

Fear is always fear of the unknown and defining the future will lessen your anxiety. Life is funny, after a disaster happens, the shaking up of your life is very unpleasant but can stimulate you to seek out an even better situation.

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