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It’s a weird feeling not having Wheel Questions work to do after the Video Blitz, which took nearly 3 weeks. Today I am relaxing and catching up on busywork.

I got this question about sharks in September, which sounds very clever but unfortunately it turns out comes from a TV show, and a girl at Edaville Railroad last week decided to write her own response! I had to help her spell cheetah.

Will There Ever Be A Boy Born Who Can Swim Faster Than A SHARK?

Yes! Humans are an animal that makes tools! And underwater divers have flippers & propellers. You can be that boy if you take SCUBA lessons!


will there ever be a girl born that that run faster then a cheetah

Oh yes!

Humans are the only animals that make machines.

Just run up & down on the subway or train & you’ll be a lot faster than a cheetah!!

🙂 <3


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