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Why am I a Lesbian?

What causes our feelings? That’s less important than being open to them. Of course there are gay people denying their feelings because of society, but there are plenty of straight and bisexual people who get confused too. Here’s a card on that. Why am I a Lesbian?   If you have fantasies about women, you’re […]

I Dont think Babys fly can they?

Kids write the most creative questions, but they also write the strangest. Here’s one. I Dont think Babys fly can they? :|=   Babies can fly when they travel on airplanes! 🙂 ——– Want daily inspiration? Subscribe! And try my other blog, Events Insider.


I’m in this waiting period now for publishers to get back to me about the book. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Meanwhile, my best friend and I are going to a play and Canobie Lake Park’s haunted attractions today. I get asked “Why?” so often that I gave it its own category. Fortunately, it’s […]

… This isn’t a question. Just spreading some love <3

October is a great time to be an events journalist, because of all the creative off-beat activities that Halloween inspires people to run. Here’s a little joy for everyone. … This isn’t a question. Just spreading some love

Who Answers Your Questions?

Who Answers Your Questions?   I have friends whose advice I can ask, but mainly I rely on myself. If I can write it down, then usually I can understand it or know what research to do to find the answer. For very abstract questions, I make them concrete by asking, so what’s the impact […]

What am I waiting for? Why am I always buying time?

What am I waiting for? Why am I always buying time?   You’re afraid to act. Life seems so big & scary. But fear is always fear of the unknown, something you can reduce. Get a friend & list out all your goals. Make a plan. Making healthy choices will add energy to your life. […]

How do I change my fucked up life. I am so pised of! Fuck this! =P

I really don’t know what to do with cards that have vulgarity. I know it puts some people off and they’d prefer something lighter. But it’s also life. This one speaks to the frustration of being stuck. I have been there. Swearing is something lighter when you feel like that. Here’s the short version of […]

Will my friends and I Get Super Mega famous?

A good way to know if you’re on the path to success is to ask yourself, is what I’m doing today what the early George Clooney (or whomever your hero is) was doing? Will my friends and I Get Super Mega famous? (Keep in mind we already know we will be)   Yes! You’ll make […]

Are “one night stands” beneficial at all?

Perhaps the hardest lesson in life is to realize that we as humans have all kinds of ways to fool ourselves. But it’s not impossible to figure it out. Keep a diary to help your memory: is what you’re doing really working to make you happy? Here’s a card on that. Are “one night stands” […]

What do you think is the most important thing in life?

I’ve got a big business meeting tomorrow, one that may put my high-tech business on top for the first time since I founded it in 2006. So this may be my last month of hardship in my chosen bohemian life running a company. Things rarely turn out exactly as we hope — they are typically […]