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What have you learned about people, doing this?

It’s one thing to say “I’ve answered most of 12,500 questions about life, all by hand.” It’s another thing to show it. Thanks to some MIT students, I was able to show it recently, displaying 8,000 cards in an MIT lobby, just long enough to take photos. Take a look! It’s a good time to […]

Do you think we will ever find peace? With other countries, and with ourselves?

I’m excited to hear in the news that Egypt and other states may become true democracies. But I’m not surprised. It’s part of a long trend, and shame on the people who think we’ll “never” see democracy in China, that instead there will be some kind of totalitarian takeover or dominance. Here’s a card on […]

What is the meaning of life

I handwrite every answer I give, so having been asked “What is the Meaning of Life” a hundred times, I’ve given a hundred answers. It’s a big question that lends itself to a variety of responses. Here’s a good one. What is the meaning of life   Every person you meet is an opportunity to […]

If I have never had a boyfriend what am I doing wrong? (I am a girl.)

Every time you catch yourself thinking, “Am I normal?”… that’s normal. 🙂 If I have never had a boyfriend what am I doing wrong? (I am a girl.)   You’re not asking any boys out. Work on gaining confidence by sorting out all your “issues” actively, instead of waiting & hoping. It’s the most attractive […]

What is the difference between love + addiction? Sometimes I can’t remember…

Being an author of a memoir gives me a different viewpoint on life. When something good happens, I wonder if I can write about it. When something bad happens, I’m sad of course, but I also think: Damn! This would make a good chapter! I’ve even caught myself feeling a bit jealous of the noteworthy […]

I so badly want to be someone else. Anyone else. Why?

Anyone who’s able to question whether he or she is a good person… is a good person. Here’s a card on that. 🙂 I so badly want to be someone else. Anyone else. Why?   Everyone has a hero. Maybe it’s time for a reset. Plan a party with friends to announce the new you. […]

Is life really over after college??

Here’s a card about letting your inner child out for a while. Or all the time. 🙂 Is life really over after college??   Many people choose to end fun hobbies, late nights with friends, learning, & living in a close community. But you don’t have to give up your creative, playful approach to life […]

What is art?

I’m feeling happy today, having just finished a great new revision of the Wheel Questions book proposal. Over the last 12 months I’ve improved it seven levels up that I can think of. Most of the time I’m a blabbermouth, eager to fill the whole card with ideas, and wanting to avoid sounding slogan-y. Here’s […]

Why are some people mean & others so nice?

Happy New Year, everyone. Do what you can to nudge people into being nice, but don’t get drawn into trying to help someone who can’t be helped. -Johnny Why are some people mean & others so nice? Why can’t all people Be nice & kind?   People who are mean are usually lashing out because […]

Is Santa real? Ho! Ho! Ho!

I’m revising the Wheel Questions book proposal! This time, I’ve made a full, detailed outline of all the chapters. You can see my post-it notes all over a wall on the Wheel Questions Backstage Blog. Also, I’m looking for a few good people to read over the proposal. I don’t need time consuming, low-level comments […]