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Why can’t people just get along?

Keeping my answers to a small card forces me to condense, which is quite a challenge when I’m going through a stack of 100 late at night. Do you see something missing from this card? It’s financial stress, something I allude to and then don’t follow up on. I heard on the radio recently that […]

What is the meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of Life?   Every time you meet anyone is an opportunity to change two lives: theirs & yours. Be open to possibilities & you will make your own luck!

Is this baby right for me? What do I do?

I’m pro having kids. But the decision to have children is full of myths and assumptions, even more so than marriage. A good rule of thumb is to ask, “If I hadn’t gotten accidentally pregnant, would I be seeking a child right now?” It’s advice that applies to all kinds of accidental opportunities, like a […]

How can one find their innocence again?

I know your secret. You’re not afraid. You’re not in a rut. You haven’t lost your innocence. It’s just stylish — and deliciously freeing from responsibility — to think yourself that way. Here’s a card on that. How can one find their innocence again?   Innocence is looking at the stars, or flowers & feeling […]

…I can never seem to get ahead in life, but all the people around me who hurt or use people get what they want?

Here’s an example of why I recently reshot all my favorite cards (about 10%). I’m a good person & always do for others. So then how come I can never seem to get ahead in life, but all the people around me who hurt or use people get what they want? -Connie   It’s an […]

If I were to become a Pirate how can I get a boat (not buy) it.

This week I got the final final draft of the Wheel Questions book printed and out in the mail to my agent! So it’s out of my hands for now as they go out to potential publishers. It’s good to have a break. I love how this asker wants to be a pirate but signs […]

Who am I?

The Universal Record Database has awarded me 5 world records now for the Wheel Questions project. Here’s an example of what I answer when I’m given very little information to work with! Who am I?   You are Captain Awesome!! Try to get people to call you that.

Why Do All guys Lie?

It’s generous to give people the benefit of the doubt, but generosity can be taken advantage of, something I am reminded of through my big hunt (successful!) for a new apartment. Here’s a card on that. This kind of question is so popular that I’ve given it it’s own category tag, “What’s wrong with men […]


Today my agent looked at my proposal and said, “What you’ve put together is incredibly compelling… I think you’ve done a tremendous job here, it’s kind of mind-boggling… I’ve never seen anything like this in a book proposal before.” He wasn’t talking about just the book idea, but the complete package: videos, the website, a […]

Soulburners: 10,000 Secret Questions and My Race to Answer Them All

200 People in 200 Minutes Say “We Want the Book!”   2-Minute Overview of Wheel Questions   The Wheel Questions installation. What if humanity were a person you could talk with? What if people, like bees, had a collective personality – could you write it a letter? Would it respond? The year before my startup […]