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What is my life’s work, my soul purpose?

! My friend Joan is back from vacation! She has encouraged me to write a book. But about what? It’s nice to have someone who believes in me. If only I could figure out what next. I think this Abyss project is helping. Here’s a card on that topic. What is my life’s work, my […]

What if I fail

! What if I fail   ‘Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all! Don’t give in to fear! You can do it! 🙂

I love him. But I just don’t feel any peace or happiness flow back and forth.

! I managed to lay down the rest of the marble scraps in the spiral today, in my garden. They’re not flat yet and need to be leveled. When it’s done I’m going to be able to really relax, but right now I am still investing energy. Here’s a card about when to tell that […]

Does God talk through our thoughts.

! Yesterday, while working in the garden, I was approached simultaneously by a parking officer and a homeless man, people I have come to think of as “the enemy” and always ignore in public. The homeless man was strangely frank about alcoholism and choosing to live on the street because he doesn’t like people in […]

How can I find God when our world is so horrible?

! Today I managed to finish all of the outer spiral, the marble patio in the center of the Abyss in the garden. It is hard to lay down perfectly level marble slabs! I have a lot of respect for bricklayers now. And love for the world, as I hope this person below may find. […]

He keeps going back and forth about wanting to be with me.

! Lynda and I worked in the garden today. It’s nice to actually be out there when people stop by. Some people really want to stay on the street and ask questions. I encourage them to come in and experience it for themselves. He keeps going back and forth about wanting to be with me. […]

How do you recognize a “life lesson”?

! A partner and I went to a public beach at night and today went to a water park. It was so nice just to get away from it all for a day, something I should do more often, something I have recently learned. Here’s a card about how to learn life lessons. How do […]

Can you really know if you have true love and if it will last?

! This week I played a romantic prank on my partner. We’ve just seen Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, where Orlando roams the Forest of Arden so lovestruck that he has to put up notes on trees. So I put up 15 signs on telephone poles with silly little poems and a flower inserted through […]

Casual sex feels abusive to me… but the loneliness is killing me

! The fire marshall came today and we’ll be taking down the torches in the yard. I’m a little sad, but I already have plans to put in electrical lighting, which will look great. This card stood out today. Loneliness can be so destructive to happiness. I hope this person finds the courage to get […]

I’m afraid to make big life decisions

! The Boston Globe came to visit and there will soon be a story about the garden. It’s exciting and yet overwhelming. What do I want out of this project, I wonder? With that in my mind, today’s choice was an easy one. I empathize. –Johnny I’m afraid to make big life decisions. I cannot […]